Charlie (@chozzles) and Anna (@ajlobster) are revisiting Star Trek: The Next Generation. In a big way. And we've noticed that the clothes on that show are AMAZING. And not just 1987 amazing, or 24th century amazing, but BOTH, SIMULTANEOUSLY. We celebrate those fashions here.

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Our screenshots come from trekcore.com when they're good and were taken by us in the old days when they're bad.

Cheshire - Created by Alter Imaging
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Some of you probably enjoy Weird Al. I assessed the fashions in his new video for work. We can all agree that Aisha looks adorable here, right?

Some of you probably enjoy Weird Al. I assessed the fashions in his new video for work. We can all agree that Aisha looks adorable here, right?

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Hide and Q - 1.10

YES, it’s another Q episode. We’ve actually done this one before - it was, like, the second post on this blog. It’s one picture of Q in a Napoleon uniform and it’s boringggggg. So I’m re-doing it under our new paradigm. 

The episode opens with someone calling the ship for medical help as Bev walks around in the hallway:


Walk walk fashion baby / This is a five-year-old Lady Gaga reference

Look at how well her coat fits! In other episodes, we’ve seen MAJOR volume in Bev’s coats, so this one is a nicely-fitted change. I’d like to see her pair this with some graphic leggings and a nice pump. (Side note: come on, pumps!)

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Q Who - 2.16

You see that punny title. You know who’s here: 



Hey Q, you dickwad. 

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  • Question: Forgive my ignorance, but have you ever critiqued the fashion in "The Inner Light"? So much flouncy material in Picard's mind-village… - wantonitalics
  • Answer:

    We have! THE TIE-DYE. 

    I don’t normally answer questions publicly, because usually it’s just someone telling us they like the blog and that’s boring for you guys, but this is my favorite episode, so I am posting it for you all to enjoy. A new ACTUAL post is en route.

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The Schizoid Man - 2.6

Reader Brandon Z. sent us this recommendation with the following details: “It has Data with a beard, a blonde chick with rather sensible clothes (for STNG), a female Vulcan doctor (=less Pulaski), and a pretty good plot involving sexual repression and transferring of consciousness.”


But this is how it starts:



You know what though? I’m gonna give one thing to her in this shot: that face looks fresh. to. death. (Late 80s-style, but still.) Pulaski always wears the minidress-ish uniform, which is fine. Fine. THIS IS FINE. MOVING ON.

Data calls Troi and Geordi into his quarters to check something out. This is their reaction.


Uhhhhh…sure, buddy. Sure

This is what they are reacting to:


Deal with it

Obviously the only explanation for this is that Data wants to be Riker.

The main plot of this episode is that the Enterprise receives a distress call from a planet, and an away team goes to check it out. Medical assistance is requested, but instead of Pulaski, Dr. Selar goes. Who is Dr. Selar, you ask?



Why, it’s just Suzie Plakson, AKA K’Ehleyr, AKA Worf’s Baby Mama, AKA Queen of Jumpsuits. Except right now? She’s a hot Vulcan doctor, because it is impossible for her not to be hot. 



You are working that haircut that belongs on a 1950s Dennis the Menace type character SO HARD and I am NOT MAD AT IT. Also: blush level is HIGH today, I repeat HIGH.

The person who made the distress call was this lady, Kareen:


I like a sensible wrap vest to pull a look together

Kareen and her boss, Dr. Ira Graves, Respected Scientist, live in seclusion on this planet. Kareen is wearing a lovely ensemble in burnt oranges and rusty mandarins that by all rights should look terrible on her (she looks like more of a Summer to me than an Autumn), but look quite lovely, actually. 

She works for this guy:

imageHello. I’m a diiiiiiiiick

This guy, a “respected scientist” literally says, like a minute after he’s introduced, “Women aren’t people. They’re women.” 



Still a dick

Oh, you thought you could make that look good with some bronze accents? SORRY, IT DIDN’T WORK. AND YOU’RE STILL A DICK. AND THEN YOU DIED.

He did die, in the show.

Basically what happens then is that Dr. Dick transfers his consciousness into Data’s body, and everyone is like “Data, you are trippppinnnnnn.” Then Kareen changes into this outfit:


Are they pants or a skirt? DOES IT MATTER?

Once again, she is rocking those Autumn colors. Maybe I was wrong. Are you an Autumn, Kareen?



Okay, maybe you’re not an Autumn. That caca brown is doing you no favors. However: get that thing in a nice berry like Deanna’s wearing or a deep teal and we can talk.


Photoshop level: expert

See? Much better.


Can we get Naomi Watts? She’s still in Australia? Okay

This was just a really nice shot of her good hair. Since Dr. Dick is now living in Data’s body and also since Dr. Dick was apparently pining for his hot young assistant, Dr. Dick in Data’s body tries to get with her (grosssssss) and convince her to live forever with him in an android body. Like Twilight, but not.

She says no.



Dr. Dick lives in Data for a little while longer, while his real body chills in a space coffin. But then they get Dr. Dick out of Data and he goes into the ship’s computer. Obviously.

This was a weird episode with not much in the clothing department, but just for good measure:

Isn’t that so much nicer? 

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A "Star Trek" Episode Shows the Next Phase of Human Communication

A very cool piece on Darmok!

h/t @52stations

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This obviously has nothing to do with Star Trek, but it does have to do with fashion and it’s really important.

This obviously has nothing to do with Star Trek, but it does have to do with fashion and it’s really important.

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The Pegasus - 7.12

I’ll start this off by saying: this is a good episode. Just a good, solid episode of television with fine performances by our regulars and guest star Terry O’Quinn (who most of you probably think of as Locke from Lost but I think of as Moira Kelly’s dad from The Cutting Edge). That said, THERE AIN’T NO CLOTHES IN THIS THING. So this’ll be a shortie.

However, this is the episode that opens with everyone’s favorite holiday, CAPTAIN PICARD DAY!

That looks NOTHING like me, NOTHING

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Someone set a bunch of those videos where Star Trek is stabilized to “Turn Down For What” and here it is. (:48 is magical.)

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McAvoy and Fassbender doing impressions of Stewart and McKellen is the cutest thing in the world.