Charlie (@chozzles) and Anna (@ajlobster) are revisiting Star Trek: The Next Generation. In a big way. And we've noticed that the clothes on that show are AMAZING. And not just 1987 amazing, or 24th century amazing, but BOTH, SIMULTANEOUSLY. We celebrate those fashions here.

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Our screenshots come from trekcore.com when they're good and were taken by us in the old days when they're bad.

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I Have Some Bones to Pick with This Article

It’s not all TNG fashion covered in this piece entitled “12 Star Trek Fashion Disasters”, but a few things are mentioned:

- JLP in hot pants cannot be classified as a “disaster”

- Guinan’s hats are beautiful, not “garish creations”

- Riker is totally pulling the “camp pirate” look off

- The Edo, okay, those outfits were pretty questionable

- Skants were probably a bad idea too