Charlie (@chozzles) and Anna (@ajlobster) are revisiting Star Trek: The Next Generation. In a big way. And we've noticed that the clothes on that show are AMAZING. And not just 1987 amazing, or 24th century amazing, but BOTH, SIMULTANEOUSLY. We celebrate those fashions here.

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Our screenshots come from trekcore.com when they're good and were taken by us in the old days when they're bad.

Cheshire - Created by Alter Imaging
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The Child - 2.01

This is the one where Troi gets pregnant. How? Well, when a tiny beam of sperm-shaped light and a woman love each other very, very much:


"Dat ass" - this lightsperm

…the lightsperm travels into any nearby spaceship and impregnates a half-human, half-Betazoid woman…somehow. It’s never made THAT clear how this works. And you know why?


"Special" my ass

Because this is the new ship’s doctor!!! Uggggghhhhh.


I’m Feather Mullet and I’m here to say / I’m super stupid in a stupid way

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Q Who - 2.16

You see that punny title. You know who’s here: 



Hey Q, you dickwad. 

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The Schizoid Man - 2.6

Reader Brandon Z. sent us this recommendation with the following details: “It has Data with a beard, a blonde chick with rather sensible clothes (for STNG), a female Vulcan doctor (=less Pulaski), and a pretty good plot involving sexual repression and transferring of consciousness.”


But this is how it starts:



You know what though? I’m gonna give one thing to her in this shot: that face looks fresh. to. death. (Late 80s-style, but still.) Pulaski always wears the minidress-ish uniform, which is fine. Fine. THIS IS FINE. MOVING ON.

Data calls Troi and Geordi into his quarters to check something out. This is their reaction.


Uhhhhh…sure, buddy. Sure

This is what they are reacting to:


Deal with it

Obviously the only explanation for this is that Data wants to be Riker.

The main plot of this episode is that the Enterprise receives a distress call from a planet, and an away team goes to check it out. Medical assistance is requested, but instead of Pulaski, Dr. Selar goes. Who is Dr. Selar, you ask?



Why, it’s just Suzie Plakson, AKA K’Ehleyr, AKA Worf’s Baby Mama, AKA Queen of Jumpsuits. Except right now? She’s a hot Vulcan doctor, because it is impossible for her not to be hot. 



You are working that haircut that belongs on a 1950s Dennis the Menace type character SO HARD and I am NOT MAD AT IT. Also: blush level is HIGH today, I repeat HIGH.

The person who made the distress call was this lady, Kareen:


I like a sensible wrap vest to pull a look together

Kareen and her boss, Dr. Ira Graves, Respected Scientist, live in seclusion on this planet. Kareen is wearing a lovely ensemble in burnt oranges and rusty mandarins that by all rights should look terrible on her (she looks like more of a Summer to me than an Autumn), but look quite lovely, actually. 

She works for this guy:

imageHello. I’m a diiiiiiiiick

This guy, a “respected scientist” literally says, like a minute after he’s introduced, “Women aren’t people. They’re women.” 



Still a dick

Oh, you thought you could make that look good with some bronze accents? SORRY, IT DIDN’T WORK. AND YOU’RE STILL A DICK. AND THEN YOU DIED.

He did die, in the show.

Basically what happens then is that Dr. Dick transfers his consciousness into Data’s body, and everyone is like “Data, you are trippppinnnnnn.” Then Kareen changes into this outfit:


Are they pants or a skirt? DOES IT MATTER?

Once again, she is rocking those Autumn colors. Maybe I was wrong. Are you an Autumn, Kareen?



Okay, maybe you’re not an Autumn. That caca brown is doing you no favors. However: get that thing in a nice berry like Deanna’s wearing or a deep teal and we can talk.


Photoshop level: expert

See? Much better.


Can we get Naomi Watts? She’s still in Australia? Okay

This was just a really nice shot of her good hair. Since Dr. Dick is now living in Data’s body and also since Dr. Dick was apparently pining for his hot young assistant, Dr. Dick in Data’s body tries to get with her (grosssssss) and convince her to live forever with him in an android body. Like Twilight, but not.

She says no.



Dr. Dick lives in Data for a little while longer, while his real body chills in a space coffin. But then they get Dr. Dick out of Data and he goes into the ship’s computer. Obviously.

This was a weird episode with not much in the clothing department, but just for good measure:

Isn’t that so much nicer? 

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Unnatural Selection - 2.07

Ugh, you guys PULASKI. Not only is she in this episode, but it’s like, HER EPISODE. Whatever. Fine. Let’s get this over with. It’s mostly uniforms anyway.

As we get on in the series, I’ve started to think about the Season 1 and 2 uniforms fondly. I mean, look at Data’s pecs here:


Do Androids Dream of Hard Nipples? Because this one’s got ‘em.

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Where Silence Has Lease - 2.2

This episode is crazy boring. I’m just going to get that out of the way first. There are NO fashions and also the plot is kind of stupid. Basically, they get stuck in a space hole and are taunted by a being who wants to kill them and then they escape. That’s pretty much it.

It opens with a scene that I guess is supposed to echo the rest of the episode with Worf and Riker in the holodeck:


Worf IS Michael Jackson IN Wolverine: One Glove, One Love

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The Icarus Factor - 2.14

This episode was specifically requested by a couple of people: Stacey B. called it “a feast for the senses,” which is pretty apt, and Jaquitron pointed out the “ridiculous ‘martial arts’ costumes around 7 minutes from the end. It’s like Power Rangers-meets-Robocop with giant Q-tips as weapons.”

She then added, “Even if you don’t end up featuring these, I hope that they at least amused you.”


Anyway, the episode starts out blandly enough, with Riker’s dad arriving on the Enterprise for a visit. Rikes greets him like a sullen teen:

You can’t tell me what to do (with my beard)

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The Measure of a Man - 2.9

This was one of the episodes shown at last Thursday’s FATHOM EVENT “A Celebration of Season 2”, which - in case you weren’t there - was CRAZY FUN. Everyone laughed at Wesley, the bloopers they showed were so funny I cried real tears, and one of my friends tried to get a hot dog but ended up with hot dog sliders, which are apparently a real thing. 

The notable thing about this episode in this format was that it had EXTRA MINUTES that weren’t aired originally, but were restored along with the rest of it for the Season Two Blu-ray release. I think it’s fair to say that the cuts they made were smart, but it was cool to see the extra scenes.

The other thing about this episode is that it is incredibly boring from a fashion perspective. It’s all uniforms plus Guinan. Not a lot going on. But we will see what we can find. I mean, this isn’t a terrible way to begin: 



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A Celebration of Season 2 - TNG on the BIG SCREEN

Don’t forget! TNG at the movie theater this Thursday, 11/29 at 7pm! I (Anna) will be attending in a jumpsuit, so if you’re in NYC, please say hi. Charlie can’t go because he lives in the wilderness (but he can go to Waffle House whenever he wants, so you win some you etc).

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Elementary, Dear Data - 2.3

There are a handful of categories into which most episodes of TNG can be grouped. There are the Somebody New On Board types, where someone comes on the ship for [reasons] and shenanigans ensue. There are the This Planet Be Crazy episodes, where the crew goes to a planet for [reasons] and shenanigans ensue. There are the Picard Must Face It Alone episodes, and the Q Acts Like a Dick episodes, and and a few other categories that can be mixed and matched to form the delicious cocktail that is TNG.

And then there are the holodeck episodes.

I know they’re dumb. But people can like dumb things. Look how much everyone loves Ryan Lochte. I like Barclay, and I like Picard in a fedora and I even like Data in the Wild West even though that episode was so, so stupid, because when else are we going to get to see Brent Spiner dressed as a saloon wench?

But this episode actually addresses some interesting philosophical points about the artificial intelligence that the holodeck can create (also: YOUR COMPUTER IS REALLY POWERFUL, GUYS). As usual, if you want good analysis and plot details, check out the AV Club review. We’re here to talk about clothes. And hair!


Tell me who/Can break my heart as much as you

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The Emissary - 2.20

Friend of the blog Deborah: TNG’s 2.20 episode The Emissary has so many jumpsuits that you should write about but also own and wear often. Also, the introduction of Alexander’s mother. And possibly Alexander’s conception.

Anna: I love Alexander’s mother. She fine.

Deborah: She’s a fierce bitch. I enjoy that aside from the forehead ridges, she could basically walk the runway of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Kind of a Chad Michaels.

These are the kinds of email exchanges I have.

So we open on this season two episode with some of the crew playing poker:


The pokeriest of faces

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